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Ford | How To Reset/clear MyKey On 2012 Ford Fusion?

Ford | How to reset/clear MyKey on 2012 Ford Fusion?
Asked by Adam Kessler on 2013-03-04
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How to reset/clear MyKey on 2012 Ford Fusion?

I accidently programmed all keys as MyKeys (1 remote starter and one key) and now I have speed restrictions that I can't get rid of. How can I reset/ clear MyKeys without having an admin key?

Auto LocksmithAnswer by Auto Locksmith
Programming equipment will be required to relearn the keys as ADMIN keys. A local automotive locksmith can provide this service. It's designed this way so the restricted driver cannot change it. CITY AUTO LOCKSMITH http:/ / user/ cityautolocksmith?feature=mhee

Ford Motor CompanyAnswer by Ford Motor Company
Hi Adam Kessler, Your vehicle has a remote start system that is recognized as an admin key. Check out the 3rd printing of your Owner's Manual for the information on Using MyKey with Remote Start starting on page 98. These instructions will show you how to switch your MyKeys to admin keys. You can download a free copy of your Owner's Manual here: https:/ / servlet/ ContentServer?pagename=Owner/ Page/ OwnerGuidePage Crystal


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