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The 2013 Flex is a 4-door, up to 7-passenger sport-utility, available in 6 trims, ranging from the SE FWD to the Limited w/EcoBoost AWD. Upon introduction, the SE FWD is equipped with a standard 3.5-liter, V6, 287-horsepower engine that achieves 18-mpg in the city and 25-mpg on the highway. The Limited w/EcoBoost AWD is equipped with a standard 3.5-liter, V6, 365-horsepower, turbo engine that achieves 16-mpg in the city and 23-mpg on the highway. A 6-speed automatic transmission with overdrive is standard on both trims.

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Published: 2012-09-13

It’s hard to define the Ford Flex. It’s part minivan, part SUV, part station wagon. Updates improved power and fuel economy but added the frustrating MyFord Touch controls. Watch more SUV video reviews: http:/ / ORzFvt


[Lyle Hollister] I too have a 2013. I wanted the Eco-Boost engine. I had to get the ‘touch button stuff’ before Ford would let me have the engine. The Sync stuff just makes me mad every time I try to use it. Can I option Google instead of Microsoft? Talking to my phone works better than talking to my Flex.
[Angelo Simo] Don’t agree at all with this review at all. I just rented a 2013 Ford Flex drove it from Houston to South Florida with a few stops in between and all I can is wow this is such a nice family car. I currently own a 2011 Ford Expedition EL (the biggest one they make) and I prefer the Flex over my leviathan size Expedition EL. I found the Flex to be a quite ride, super comfy interior, excellent acceleration, wonderful turn ratio very smooth drive.
[TRonlyOne] Hate that its too long…
[John Carraway] Love the square look. It’s the most ergonomically perfect vehicle made in the states. Aerodynamics should always take a back seat to ergonomics. After all, isn’t comfort and visibility more important than a miniscule increase in gas mileage on the highway?
[Bob Keilitz] Had the opportunity to drive one of these for a week on vacation in Orlando. Absolutely loved it! Comfy, quiet, and easy to drive. Just keep the MPG in mind.
[Johnny Simpson] All i have to say is.. i have a 2007 fusion and the most buttons i use are on the steering and they are to move from one song to the next or to move the temp control. The nav takes care of it’s self. So I would welcome, saying ‘set temp to’ … etc
[Ashley Padgett] Just bought a 2013…All of you who are complaining about the electronics such as the my ford touch….You have no idea what you are talking about. It IS an option, there are standard models, unlike some have said on here. The one we bought doesn’t have any of the touch button stuff….So do your research before you give an opinion publicly, it will save you from looking stupid.
[BMan100] Now they just need to get that problematic Getrag MT-82, mind you the Tremec TR6060 isn’t perfect either, BUT not like Mustangs.. my heart is still broken over the car I ordered.. and worse it’s over at a chrysler dealer here right by my work lol. the automotive gods want to make me suffer. lol
[srephim] The interior really looks good but its exterior and shape especially when viewed from the side looks like a funeral car.
2 - [tokyomewmewberry1] In my experience, most of the Ford owners who have MyFord Touch would change only one thing, and that is its laginess. That is it. So there is NO reason to complain about it if you don’t have a Ford and those who do have them are not complaining about it themselves.
[Fordguy1997] that is a 365 horsepower v6, v8′s are going out of style in favor of turbocharged 6 cylinders
[95thRiflesOCI] You live with this car, and drive it around for your life, then you take the final journey in it.
[hawkermustang] It is ugly as hell!
[texan176] The high tech (expensive to fix when it breaks out of warranty) will crash the resale value. This is why Mercedes and BMW become worth 20-30% of new when the warranty ends.
[alex Lui] Those ar not high tech… There ar reasons why others haven’t done that even ford has came up with those buttons for a while. Because they react slow n hard to find when u ar driving! And not working when u ar wearing gloves
[select20] And in all honestly, I don’t know why American automakers didn’t pick up on this when Japanese turbo charged 4 and 6 cylinders like the Nissan GTR started destroying the V8′s. I’m glad Ford is starting to do this. GM needs to get with the program.
[adamY2K] I hate all this high tech stuff on new cars. Just stick with simple buttons, a simple speedo and tacho and a simple electronics. Who the hell needs electric everything. Even in terms of seats it is so much quicker adjusting a manual seat compared to an electric one.
[gene978] What an asshole! I’m sorry, but comparing this to a HEARSE?!
[East17A] just because Hyundai and Kia made the Panoramic Sunroof on their cars .. made everybody else go crazy after it .. the only thing that i really hate for real is that touch button’s !! who is that made this idea I wonder how it will function after 10 years of use ?!!

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